I am a writer–so what? 19/5/2015

You know I met someone  who deflated my ego, I confessed to my husband.

Aye, that’s the best news I have heard early in the morning, he guffawed.

There is nothing to be so overjoyed about, I lamented.

O.K. tell me  WHO is this person,man or woman, he  said.

Man of course and  he wanted to know what I do for a living.

Where and when did you meet this  inquisitive guy ? he said.

Yesterday during my walk in the park  and he came to me and said I looked familiar but he was not able to place me, I told him.

Better be careful, that’s how strangers try to  make an introduction and you should be beware of them, he warned.

I said I was a writer.

What else,  the man had asked.

I said   I  am the wife of a Professor.

He said so what again and wanted to know what else I did for a living.

I told him  I  am also a home maker and  his response  was not any different from his earlier one.

Just to see his reaction  I said I  had joined a political party recently .

You know suddenly he appeared interested and wanted to know which one.

I thought for a while and mentioned its name.

Oh, he mumbled, all his excitement disappearing.

Now why don’t you tell me what are you doing for a living? I said  looking straight at him.

Well, you are the second person  to become a member of the party you mentioned. I am now thinking  of quitting the party and joining another one which looks more promising in terms of monetary benefit . ‘Incidentally   I am a writer too ‘ he said and  walked away.

n.meeraraghavendra rao


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