Home, sweet home 08/01/2014

My cousin who lives in the U.S. has cancelled his trip to India, not because of the cancelled flights but because he wishes to enjoy the biting cold staying put at home, I said  just having read a mail from him.

Sensible fellow, otherwise he would have had to hang around  in Delhi  due to the bad weather conditions there. Just see how all these holiday makers bound for Delhi have been stranded  in Chennai, he chuckled.

Thank God, we timed our holiday very well, when the  December  chill had not touched the city. But my only regret is we needn’t have carted all our heavy woolens giving in to the advise of  our well wishers here, I  observed.

Can’t blame them considering that people here find winter in Chennai quite severe. It’s amusing to see them wearing cardigans and  wrapped up in shawls when they step out, he laughed.

If only we had been more sensible—I  almost said the words to myself.

What would you have done? he asked.

I would have  done more shopping and  would have had  more  room in our suitcases to accommodate it, I said  with remorse.

Extra room would have come with a price ,paying rs.250/ for every kilo that exceeded the mandatory 15 kilos per person. Thank God , the rule has come as  a blessing in disguise, he sounded relieved.


n.meera raghavendra rao 


2 thoughts on “Home, sweet home 08/01/2014

  1. V.N.K.Kumar

    The rule stipulating a penalty for every kilo in excess of the allowance must have been framed by a misogynist who didn’t want his wife or other people’s wives to indulge in the innocuous pastime of shopping!

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