Healthy Gossip? 18/3/2014


The other day  I ran into a friend  who is known for her curiosity and eternal hunger for knowing the latest news about people not only known to her but also unknown to her and also sharing it at the first opportunity.

Do you know so and so is going in for a divorce? She  said.

I am shocked if it happens to be true, I said  not pleased at the news.

What makes you think they are getting separated? Is it a fact or one of your guesses, I asked.

Enough of your sarcasm, you don’t seem to believe whatever I  tell  you, she said annoyed.

Though you are a journalist, it’s always I who gives you all the news, she added by way of  a dig.

O.K.I believe you but how do you know for sure? I asked more to please her.

So and So’s son has failed thrice in his M.B.A. and now he has joined a fourth rate college for his fourth chance, she continued not bothering to reply.

Well, this looks to be a fact because I also know the guy, I said.

How do you—-

Wait, there is something more sensational. Our common friend’s daughter is marrying someone much younger than her, she  informed  with glee.

That means this is going to be her third marriage, I  said  not surprised  at the news.

Thank God you still remember, she laughed.

Do you know why he is marrying a woman much older than him? She asked.

I shook my head.

It’s obvious, the fellow is marrying her for her money and I am sure he will ditch her the moment he takes complete possession of it, she declared.

By the way how is that you  are  able to cull so much ‘gossip’? What are your sources, I wonder? I said quite amazed  at her ‘mental agility’.

Simple. But let me  correct  you  first. It’s not  ‘gossip’  but ‘Healthy Gossip’ and  how I  cull it is my secret. Like you journalists I don’t believe in revealing my sources, she affirmed.


n.meera raghavendra rao


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