Give credit where it is due 9/6/2014

First  it was  Varun Gandhi  and now Sashi Tharoor  who have been criticized for giving credit where it is due.  I feel our politicians need to have an open mind and  learn to praise  or  criticize when  the situation  or action warrants, irrespective  of whether they are friends or foes. It  is sad to see former high profile ministers  not able to accept defeat gracefully and acting childishly  exhibiting  their peevish  side of  nature. It is obvious that they refuse to learn  from their mistakes and evolve themselves politically  for their own political future.

The general  human tendency  is to expect  victory  all the time and gloat in its  success  which  goes to one’s head  in no time. The recent example of  the leader of  AAP and his downfall  ( because he  did not know how to handle the situation post his victory ) should serve as a learning lesson not only to young aspirants but also  to so called veterans in the field who seem to live in a fools paradise thinking voters who defeated them are all fools!


n.meera raghavendra rao   


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