Gigantic memory-a thing of envy 25/04/2014

Hello Meera, greeted  a lady  with a smile as soon as she entered the restaurant. Though I smiled back at her, knew not who she was. She appeared  almost my age and however much I tried to  rack my brains as to where I had met her before, recognition  failed to dawn on me. In the name  of  politeness I enquired how she was  doing  and she said  ‘good’  and wished to know what I have been doing since the last time we met. That  made things worse because I didn’t remember from Adam when we met and began to wonder whether we met at all! Thinking she wouId have probably seen  the write up on my books which appeared along with my photo which made it easier for her to recognize me, I  asked if she had read my interview in the newspaper and  she shook her head in answer.

Looking amused at my discomfiture, she asked  how many dolls I had made after completing the course in Doll making. ‘Don’t  you remember I was also attending the same class held in Mylapore?’ she said  smiling.

Wasn’t that nearly 45 years ago? How is that you were able to not only recognize me but also remember my name? I asked  stunned.

It’s just that my memory doesn’t fail me where names and faces are concerned, she said  most casually. After that  I felt  too embarrassed to ask her name.


n.meera raghavendra rao  


One thought on “Gigantic memory-a thing of envy 25/04/2014

  1. V.N.K.Kumar

    I had the same problem. As a management trainer in 100+ companies, I had the privilege of conducting 15 different kinds of workshops and obviously 1000’s of participants knew me. For me on the other hand it was very difficult to place the person. At airport lounges they would greet me. I would smile back and thought it my duty to say: Are you still working in the same place? They would say :Yes. Then deliberately I would steer the conversation to current affairs and small talk about delayed take-offs, technical snags etc. When we then parted company, I still wouldn’t know his name & the company where he works!

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