Food habits of Chennaites 13/11/2014

Amma, I want to go back early  to prepare breakfast for my daughter, she  said  not sounding too happy.

Don’t you people have bread  for breakfast  like  we do? I asked.

I wish  we did  but  the problem is  no one in my family  likes bread as they feel  it is meant  to be eaten only when one falls ill, she moaned.

The  incident immediately  reminded me of many of my friends and relatives expressing similar opinion of  this most convenient  ‘breakfast staple’ which   was good  health  wise  as well as a  ‘labour saving’  device   for the woman of the house , be it mother or wife.

Amma, It’s all my fault, continued my maid. All along  my children were  used to iddli, dosa and upma which I meticulously prepared with the side dishes but now since I STARTED WORKING, I find it difficult to cater to their tastes, she  said  remorsefully.

But shouldn’t they try to understand? I  said  feeling sorry for the woman.

Amma,  you know , habits  die hard, she  replied  emphasizing  on each word. (she spoke in tamil)

It was  again an oft repeated refrain I   had come across!


n.meera raghavendra rao


2 thoughts on “Food habits of Chennaites 13/11/2014

  1. V.N.K.Kumar

    Perhaps she expects you to sympathize with her plight and then do one of two things: Either part with some of the breakfast prepared at your place for the daughter or give her an additional increment every month so that she could purchase a parcel of Idli/.Dosa/ upma from the hotel on way to her home.

    1. The first doesn’t help her because chennaiites don’t prefer having bread for breakfast.The second also doesn’t work because these days children expect their mothers to turn out their favourite food .The well off prefer ordering Pizzas and have them delivered !

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