Facebook  users in india 30/10/2014

While going through  the news item  in the Hindu, dt.28th.OCT. , ‘How facebook is changing the way we consume news’ I was  rather disappointed   to know people in India tend to share what the company calls the ABCDs: astrology, Bollywood, cricket and divinity. I   am not aware how the company came to this conclusion  but feel   their   observation  doesn’t reflect the changing attitudes of  the  users  in   our country. Firstly  the majority of  users of FB  are young Indians  who  think astrology  and divinity  are passé.  Perhaps  news of Bollywood  and cricket holds  their interest  and   exchanging notes  about  the changing relationships with their friends   comes next in importance.

Coming to the  older  generation, the users  wish the whole world to know how much they love their children. This  can be seen when they    greet them on their birthdays and wedding anniversaries  using the best  adjectives  possible.

Can  anything match  a  person to person  communication(if the person is not physically present) through a phone  or a letter, I wonder!


n.meeraraghavendra rao


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