Educated Politicians 19/7/2014

Supposing our politicians are educated , do you think they would display  some refinement?  Said my husband even as he was  watching the news.

You mean their language or behavior? I asked.

Both, he replied.

Well, coming to think of it I feel education makes no difference   because the other day I saw the foreign educated politician repeatedly saying his fellow panelist was demented though the anchor on the show was warning him not to make any personal  remarks  in the debate  that was taking place, I said not able to forget the man’s accusation and facial expression.

Surely that politician must be an advocate. You know a man cannot separate his profession from himself , he stated.

Very true, it reinforces my theory that your profession influences your personality a great deal, I  said as though in  endorsement.

There you go again reiterating your pet theory, he said literally accusing me.

Well ,it happens to be true, you know, I affirmed.

O.K. I concede your point.

However there are exceptions to the rule, I  countered.

What do you mean? He said surprised.

For instance, your profession didn’t seem to have any influence  on you at all. I  asserted.

Which one, as a teacher or an author?

Both, because you don’t encourage questions and don’t read what others write. Aren’t authors  supposed to  read what others also write ?I  said.

Well, it all depends who the ‘others’ are, he quipped  with a mischievous look.


n.meera raghavendra rao


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