Eating in a banana leaf 4/7/2014

It was amusing to watch the little girl eating in a banana leaf, I said even as we emerged from the restaurant.

What  was so amusing? Said  my husband .

Well, the poor girl was struggling to transfer the stuff from the leaf to her mouth  and didn’t want her mother to help her, I laughed.

Naturally.  I really pity her. Probably she is not used to eating in a banana leaf, he observed.

Leave alone eating from  a leaf, I don’t think she is used to eating with her fingers, I said.

Then  how else can one eat  rice mixed with the  side dish? He wanted to know.

Ofcourse, With one’s fingers  or use a spoon instead,  I said.

Well, what does one do if  no spoons are provided? I asked him  next.

I think there is no option, he stated.

Well, the girl displayed more  ingenuity in the situation as the saying  ‘necessity is the mother of invention’  goes. I said  all praise for her thoughtfulness. She asked for a few papads and breaking them into small pieces was using them as a fork to push food into her mouth, I  said.


n.meera raghavendra rao 


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