Disturbing news 30/04/2014

The ‘good’  and the bad news of the day. On the one hand it was heartening to read in today’s newspaper that  a couple from Bombay slums who served home made chai when Oprah  Winfrey visited their hovel in 2012 was the inspiration  for tea launched by Oprah .What a pity when credit should have  actually been given to the couple for their original idea of preparing the desi version of tea, there wasn’t even an acknowledgement of their originality. If the hosts have been anyone else even belonging to a remotest place abroad it would have been a different story. But instead of getting perturbed at the lack of acknowledgement, Parvathi, the hostess is believed to have said ‘if someone comes to our house and drinks tea, we’ll be very happy ’ which shows her magnanimity in keeping with our tradition and culture.

The bad news of the day  is Indian restaurants fail to make it to World’s  top 100. But I don’t think we need to feel sorry about it because our  desi cuisine is matchless and cannot be replicated  even by the best of chefs from the rest of the world. I don’t think even Oprah Winfrey can steal the thunder  and claim credit where it is not due!


n.meera raghavendra rao


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