Distress Sale? 10/07/2014

The  Navarathri   festival has concluded but the hawkers  selling dolls are still around with their wares hoping to clear their stock as much as possible and returning to their homes  with what ever they managed to make.  They are an unenviable lot   if one could imagine their   plight from the time they set up a ‘kolu’ on the streets  surrounding the temple in Mylapore  hazarding the vagaries of nature –scorching sun during the day and extreme humidity   as evening approached, not to speak of the unruly traffic with  uncaring  pedestrians stepping on their prized possessions.

Heard some of the  ladies  expressing doubts  even as they were scrutinizing the dolls  as to why the hawkers had slashed prices so drastically . ‘Do you think  the colours   would fade  in no time  because they might have been of inferior quality?, said one to the other.

Probably, you are right. But  it’s wise to buy now  for the ‘kolu’ next year because we may not get at this price’ advised the second lady.

Where is the place to store them? Interjected the husband of one of them  who had just joined.

Don’t worry, that’s my look out, assured his wife.

With the debate that was going on I wondered who would benefit ultimately  at the’ distress sale’ that was going on. For all I knew  the hawkers would have made huge profit at the beginning of the festival  which would break even at the end of it!


n.meera raghavendra rao


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