Discounts for Doctors! 01/07/2014

I just read  a popular five star hotel in Chennai is offering  discounts for doctors at its restaurants for Doctor’s Day. How very thoughtful of the Taj group for their magnanimous gesture which even doctors  wouldn’t have expected ! But I wonder  how the fraternity belonging to the medical profession would like to acknowledge the  ‘contribution’ their patients are making towards building their reputation which is very important for the doctors to survive in the Rat Race. I am yet to find a private medical practitioner in Chennai  offering  FREE CONSULTATION  albeit just for a Day which occurs  Once a year. This way He/She  would be doing a great ‘humane’ service to the community which looks upon  the  fraternity as Demi Gods.

I won’t be surprised  if hospitals and  doctors are given a discount  by the media, especially the visual, for  advertising  their ‘services’ as a gesture to celebrate the great Day which I am sure will be lapped up by their ‘clients.’


n.meera raghavendra rao


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