Deepavali  2014–less noisy more colourful 23/10/2014

I would like to begin this post on a personal note about events   in and around Chennai   on the occasion of two important festivals—Dushera and Deepavali   occurring  during first and  third week of this month.I had the honour of being the chief guest  at an award function  got up by a web site to  distribute prizes to winners  of  the best kolus. It was  interesting  to see all the 60 entries  where the participants in the competition displayed their creativity, imagination and  most important did their homework thoroughly to explain   briefly the theme  and symbolism  of their   kolus along with the nearly dozen photographs. I thought it must have been a daunting task for the judges to select the best among the entries as they  appeared   good in their own way.   While speaking  on the occasion I went  back in time when  my mother put up a kolu in our drawing room which meant shifting   our sofa set to the family room . After coming to Madras  post marriage I would receive more than  a  dozen invitations every year and  always made it a point to visit  all the houses irrespective of the distance  and hassles  in commuting. Through the years the invitations just began trickling  in, thanks to the apartment culture and  women  taking up a career .But  now what a transformation it has been  with   full fledged kolus appearing on a web site   which can be  seen and appreciated   without stirring out of the house/apartment, a real blessing  to kolu lovers !

Coming to Deepavali  which has followed closely on the festival of Dolls, I see a change –for instance it is less noisy  but more colourful  in terms of  sartorial  preferences  of both men and women, couples trying to appear ‘made for each other’  wearing   similar coloured  clothes and children  preferring western outfits  not to speak  of  an increased variety   in colours and shapes of  sweets  offered by  sweet meat outlets.

n.meera raghavendra rao


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