Cultural differences yes, so also is discrimination 3/7/2014

What were you watching sitting up so late? Asked my husband early in the morning.

The interview of  Sheryl Sandberg,  COO of  Facebook, I said .

Did she say anything that Indian women can relate to? My husband wanted to know.

Yes, they   were golden words which can be applied universally, I said.

There you go again defending your tribe to the hilt, he mocked.

Now, tell me, do you think women in our country have  an equal voice at home, can make decisions for themselves without the spouses butting in and interfering at every level? I want a very frank answer, I insisted.

Certainly yes, no doubt about that, he asserted. Tell me what the COO  said, he reiterated.

She said there might be cultural differences all over the world but where gender is concerned, none exist  and I am happy we are not alone,  I  said  stressing the last four words.

I don’t think she knows much about your tribe of our country, he tried  to justify his earlier statement .

I  made plans for  both of us for  the day, he said .

What are they? I asked surprised.

Just accompany me to know what they are, he replied  with a sheepish look !


n.meera raghavendra rao



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