Creativity and children 05/06/2014

Of late there has been  stress on children thinking out of the box and  the recent concluded   summer camps held in the city have come as a boon to them  to wear their ‘creative ’caps. In one of the sessions I handled on creative writing I found  tiny tots  as young as four attending  along with children  much older.  Some  children were accompanied by their parents and they  wished to know how they could  motivate their wards cultivate  reading habit. I said  children should spend less time in front of the idiot box and more time in reading books meant for  them. What was more important is  to begin with, mothers of small children should  read stories aloud to them and explain their content  and  convey the message instead of  letting them read by themselves and comprehend.

Even when I was  offering my two pence I remembered an instance where a friend of mine had  visited us along with her six year old daughter. In order to engage the little one I gave her a few  childrens’  books with a lot of illustrations  thinking she would allow us to  engage ourselves for some time atleast. When I turned casually to her after some time I was amazed at what she was ‘engaged’ in—she  was clicking away page after page from one of the books with  her Tablet! Probably force of habit I thought.


n.meera raghavendra rao


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