Corporate Heads/ Authors/ Politicians 23/03/2014

Have you observed something about  present  crop who have joined the political bandwagon? I said even as we were watching a much viewed tv channel.

What is it? said my husband not taking his eyes off the tv screen.

I find most of the  aspirants are very articulate in English, I said.

Well, that’s nothing surprising considering that they have been educated in good schools and colleges, he stated.

Not only that. They don’t seem to display any regional accent, I said admiring their command over their language and neutral accent

You might admire their language but we are yet to see how they acquit themselves once elected, he remarked.

That’s true. But isn’t it strange that some of them have been in corporates before joining politics? I said.

You seem to have forgotten the second stage in their life, reminded my husband.

Ah, yes, a few have been authors as well, I said suddenly remembering the books they had written.

Then does it mean this is their third  stage? I said.

Well yes but for all I know this may not be the last, he laughed.

What would be the fourth you envisage? I  said getting curious.

The fourth may or may not exist, but I am sure  they will revert to the second  if they fail being politicians. They  might realize authoring books is comparatively easier than surviving in the ‘Political Jungle’


n.meera raghavendra rao


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