COME AGAIN! 21/8/2014

How did your interview  go? Asked my husband soon after returning from his morning walk.

He appeared very  strange to me, I said.

Why don’t you tell me more about this specimen? He laughed.

Well, he was dressed like  any other south Indian  does  but his silk zariveshti and jibba gave me the impression that he must be very prosperous, I said.

You  can’t judge a person by the clothes he wears.For all you know, he must have come straight from visiting a temple, he reasoned.

Probably you  are right. But the way he spoke  gave me the impression that he was not the man of the house, I observed.

That doesn’t surprise me at all because the wife has to be consulted before  any husband takes a decision, however trivial the matter is, he justified.

I do agree and am happy that you think  a wife  should have a share in decision making, I said.

Then what’s so strange  about this man? He asked  puzzled.

You know, he said, ‘Well from my side  the deal  is completely o.k. but let me ask MY HUSBAND .‘ What do you think of such a man? I said.

Are you sure you heard him right?

Infact  said ‘ come again’ and it was amusing to see he took my words literally and replied, ‘yes, I will along with my husband!’

N.MeeraRaghavendra Rao


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