Chennai  women  and designer blouses 10/11/2014

Women here  seem to be more hep than women in Delhi or  Bombay, observed my friend   who had come down for   a wedding .

What do you mean, in their  behavior or sartorial tastes? I said.

Well, both. Earlier I would notice women  returning a greeting  in Indian style  when men   volunteered to shake hands but now  it appears to be the reverse , she laughed.

I said  in the same vein ,’ may be it is true but you can’t generalize.’

Also  I find  most of the mamis  have shed their inhibitions, especially the sixty  plus   ones who  seem to frequent restaurants  regularly unlike before, she stated.

Which ones?   Have you seen any mamis   eating Chinese or Mexican food? I  said  wanting her to be more specific.

Frankly no. I noticed them   only  in  vegetarian joints, she  clarified.

Did you find them dressed in nine yards saris ? I said more out of curiosity.

Not nine yards  saris  but I found them wearing designer blouses  which I am sure would have cost them a fortune. I couldn’t have imagined  a few years ago women  over sixty  spending    three or four thousand rs. On a blouse, she  said appearing surprised.

What next, I wonder, she said  more to herself.

You   failed to observe   a very important difference about women in Chennai  compared to women in Delhi or Bombay, I said.

What’s that?  She said  dragging  on ‘that.’

Women  here  might have changed  outwardly  but  you have to visit their homes  to see  their lifestyle which  you find  hasn’t changed at all, I   stressed.

n.meeraraghavendra rao


One thought on “Chennai  women  and designer blouses 10/11/2014

  1. V.N.K.Kumar

    Good skit. So their outward display & ultramodern get-up is nothing but pretentiousness….. old wine in new bottles! Having said that I think change is disturbing for anyone. Man is a creature of habits and if the old habits are good enough for survival we see no need to change our habits.

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