Chalta hai attitude 23/6/2014

From where did we pick up the ‘chalta hai’ attitude? I said as were on our morning walk.

Chaltahai tho chalne do—sang my husband as an answer.

For how long? I asked.

May be , for another few decades, he said.

After that? I said looking hopefully at him.

Aye, lets not discuss here because  we seem to be attracting our fellow walkers, he pointed .

Doesn’t matter. I want to really know when we will see better days, I insisted.

What are better days according to you? He wanted to know.

To  avoid greasing hands for the smallest job done, husbands bossing over helpless women, putting a stop to exploitation of children, controlling inflation —

Aye stop, I know you can go on and on, interrupted my husband.

Yes, there are more on my list, I agreed wanting to air all my grievances at one go.

Now tell me, talking about inflation for instance, have we stopped purchasing Sagar, the fat free milk which now costs three times its price? His question came out of the blue.

Well, there are certain essential  products which we have to buy for reasons of health despite their escalating price, I justified.

What about  products which are not essential? He said.

Such as, I asked.

All the products which are branded as luxuries according to men in particular, he said.

Let me think, I said and  realized there were quite a few which indirectly contributed to inflation but preferred to keep the list to myself!


n.meera raghavendra rao


2 thoughts on “Chalta hai attitude 23/6/2014

  1. V.N.K.Kumar

    You could have said: Cosmetics, ornaments, dresses and sarees? But they are so very essential man! You will understand only when you are born as a female in the next incarnation!

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