Celebrity news! 25/6/2014

Page 3 news  seems to be getting  a lot of prominence on all the media, I observed while scanning through the headlines and watching a popular TV  news channel  at the same time.

How is that you are able to do  two things simultaneously? said my husband who was trying to imitate me.

That’s called multi tasking, I  said knowing my words would provoke him.

I am sure in the process  you can’t do justice to either, he averred.

On the other hand it’s an excellent way of time management, I stated.

Can you tell me what the celebrity was wearing? he said.

You know, unlike you  I normally  don’t attach too much importance to  the way someone  looks or is  dressed , I  said. ‘I  prefer  concentrating  on what is being said’, I added .

Ah, I caught you red handed. What you women claim as multi tasking is really not multitasking because it involves doing a multiple things at the same time, he asserted with a look which said ‘I win, you lose, silly woman’


n.meera raghavendra rao


2 thoughts on “Celebrity news! 25/6/2014

  1. V.N.K.Kumar

    Many times people do multitasking at 2 or 3 different tasks which do not require their complete attention or concentration. Like my spouse has three vessels on different burners of the gas stove and same time she will be kneading the dough of whole wheat powder for making chapattis and often attending to the phone calls on her mobile. None of the tasks get neglected. Perhaps it is not ok when drivers of cars or two wheelers talk on their mobiles with one hand holding their cell phone and driving with the other hand!

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