Celebrating Family Day 15/05/2014

Is your survey over? Asked my husband soon after I stepped in.

Well, I could visit  nearly a dozen houses, I mean apartments  and talk to the inmates, I said.

You don’t sound too happy,  he said  noticing my lack luster response.

You are right. Infact my expectations proved wrong, I lamented.

What did you expect in the first place ?

I expected  to meet  the entire family, today  being Family Day  and wished to learn how each family was celebrating the occasion, I said.

Could you? He said raising his eyebrows.

Yes, I did  in a way but  my experience has taught me how naïve I was, I  observed.

That’s not surprising , he mocked .

Aye, you don’t have to rub it in me, I retorted.

O.K. why don’t you  tell  me something about the people you met, he said changing his tone.

Well, you know I chose my sample at random and literally gatecrashed into apartments of absolute strangers, I  said feeling enthused.

I met a couple who  appeared newly married as the lady was sporting a sparkling gold mangal sutra and beautiful glass bangles and  during our conversation  when their pet joined us I learnt I was wrong in my  presumption, I said.

What had the pet to do with your presumption or assumption? He said surprised.

Well, the lady said she was trying to make her boyfriend accept her pet along with her, I said.

Supposing he didn’t ?

She was prepared to call her marriage off, I  stated.

I thought as much, chuckled my husband.

When I proceeded to continue my survey, I  was in for more surprises and shocks excepting for my experience with the  last  family I met, I said reminiscing the pleasant thoughts.

Now you have really aroused my curiosity, tell me more about a few other families you met, he said stressing on families.

Two of them were single mothers, having divorced their spouses for what ever reason, a couple of them were single fathers having lost their wives and  finding it difficult  to handle their adolescent  sons, I  informed.

I really pity them, said he.

Then I met a couple whose children were studying for their degree and were staying  in a hostel, so I  was disappointed as I couldn’t meet the entire family, I  said.

Now, to cut things short and  coming to the last   in my sample , I was happy to meet the entire family in the true  sense of the word and was pleasantly surprised  to see three generations living under one roof, I  said  my eyes sparkling.

Aye, that’s wonderful and really good news in today’s scenario. I am glad your efforts have not proved futile, He asserted.

You will also be happy to know they make it a point to have dinner  together      every day and the grand children  are looking forward to a feast prepared by  their grand mother tonight, I said and noticed  my husband’s mouth watering!

n.meera raghavendra rao


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