Caught on the Wrong Foot! 20/01/2014

Any news? I asked my husband soon after he returned from his morning walk in the park.

Plenty, was his  clipped  reply.

Interesting? I  said imitating him.

I’m afraid not, he said  looking amused.

I am really dying to know,I  prompted.

O.K. I won’t keep you guessing.You always think   my tribe especially in the seventy plus bracket  are  hard of hearing, don’t you? he asked coming straight to the point.

Although it  sounded more like an accusation to me, I  nodded.

You  are also of the opinion that  spouses are  necessarily  younger than their   husbands by a few years, if not more, he reminded.

Yes, again, however  there may be some exceptions. So what are you driving at? I said not knowing  what he would say next.

So according to you  the husband should be hard of hearing and not the wife as she has the benefit of  being younger than him, he reiterated.

You don’t have to repeat as I  am intelligent enough to get  your point, I asserted.

Ah, now what I am going to tell you might change your opinion and you might stop men bashing, he teased.

You know I am not a Feminist with a prejudiced mind, I reminded.

Probably on the way of becoming one, he taunted. Anyway, here is the news you are dying to know. I met a few men in the park who all appeared to have a ‘common problem’ and realized they were all sailing in the same boat, he said sounding sympathetic.

Count your blessings, I quipped.


n.meera raghavendra rao 


2 thoughts on “Caught on the Wrong Foot! 20/01/2014

  1. V.N.K.Kumar

    The common problem was having a wife who was much younger to them but was hard of hearing. May be the wives were pretending to be deaf, so as to avoid the requests of their hubbies to prepare more exciting dishes!

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