Books, books and books 23/4/2014

Suddenly we find articles appearing in the media telling us about the importance and advantages of reading books to remind us about World Book Day. It is more significant this year as we will be celebrating 450 years of Shakespeare.The writers paying tribute to the bard apart from mentioning the number of plays and sonnets written by the bard ,  mention only  works  by famous foreign authors and none from India.

Coming back to our literary works produced by famous authors/poet, I  wonder whether our young readers have ever heard or read their books. I  feel  World includes India as well and as Indians we are equally proud of works produced by our poets and writers which impart   moral and ethical values  both for adults and children .The abridged form of these books are available in book shops but unfortunately they are not given even a glance, leave alone  picked up. High time our media  gives some space to highlight these valuable books .


n.meera raghavendra rao


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