Books and authors 19/06/2014

You  should not  allow people to  buy books from you, remarked an elderly author. What if they wish to? I said. Let them buy from the publisher If  they want, pat came his reply. ‘I don’t sell my books’ he  emphasized  but  during his speech he spoke mainly about a particular  novel of his strongly recommending people to read it !

Well in today’s scenario in Chennai when  reputed  book shops are shutting down their shutters  for want of customers, avid readers are at a loss because they will  not  come to know of  books recently published  by authors and also not be aware as where they would be available. Except  for the Madras Book Club and Prakriti Foundation which have  book launches   where authors speak about their books and if they are lucky manage to sell a few copies autographing them, we have none similar to them. However since these literary clubs are restricted  to their members, there is no way other   book lovers either  come to know about latest books published  or get an opportunity to meet the authors and interact with them.  In such a scenario I  feel  authors are doing a great service to book lovers by acquainting them of  the literary side  of Chennai.


n.meera raghavendra rao 


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