Best book launch 17/12/2014

Don’t you think my recent book launch  was the best among all the earlier events  of my book releases? I said still gloating over  the  day’s   events.

What makes you think so? Asked my husband.

Well,  for one thing the venue was full with most of our invitees turning up, I said.

That’s true, considering that it was a week day, he agreed.

What else?  He said.

There was pindrop silence and     everyone   appeared  to be really interested in  listening to what the chief guest has said and the discussion that followed, I said.

Yes, it appeared so, he agreed for the second time  which was quite unusual of him.

Then again, excepting for a few, everyone stayed until the end and  who ever picked up a copy of the book  waited to get  my autograph, I  said feeling happy at their gesture.

Aye, you have forgotten to   observe  something , suddenly said my husband  even when I was about to continue.

What is it? I said  fearing I had  missed  something very important  due to a lapse on my part.

That  no one seemed to have missed the absence  of  someone who was  supposed to have had an important role in  the event, he reminded .

Ah, Now that you mention, I  feel  you are right for once about your observation, I conceded.

n.meeraraghavendra rao


2 thoughts on “Best book launch 17/12/2014

  1. Hubby was very much present at the event , the person missing was someone (mentioned in the invite) who was supposed to have received the first copy of my book from the chief guest . The Chief guest’s speech was just spell binding .

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