Beg, borrow or steal 27/04/2014

Who ever coined   the expression  ‘Beg, borrow or steal’ must have been a  clairvoyant Indian who had the ability to predict our country’s political future post independence. The way things are shaping up  provide ample evidence to the deteriorating state of affairs with our politicians making the expression ‘beg,borrow or steal’ come true in every aspect. To begin with they start begging for votes fixing a price to lure gullible voters, later borrow ideas from their more intellectual party peers and lastly steal the thunder from them claiming them to be ‘their own ideas.’

Now coming to more mundane things, I find personally the expression can be applied  ironically not to the poor or downtrodden but to the rich and well to do who think to steal is their ‘birth right.’The only difference however is politicians steal public money whereas the rich steal whenever they find an opportunity  to do so. The other day my maid  came with an attractive  offer  saying she would like to buy our  home grown mangoes   paying rs.500/. I  felt quite offended  and  told her I didn’t believe in selling either the home grown  mangoes or coconuts reminding her that she well knew I have been distributing them through the years to friends and all the house hold staff like her. I could guess the offer was not her idea but someone else’s, obviously the stinking rich lady she was  working for was responsible. With just a little probing I knew my  guess was right!

Another surprise was in store for me as the day progressed, no, it was an ‘unpleasant shock’ if I may use such an expression.  I found a lady who had come to have a look at our first floor which had fallen vacant coming down from the terrace (she had no business to go there) with a huge mango in her hand and turning away her face when she noticed me  coming face to face with her!


n.meera raghavendra rao 


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