Are  ‘we’ selfish? 29/4/2014

Why do we blame the gen next for being self centred? I said to my husband even as we were having our morning walk.

Well, it’s a fact that they strictly believe in practicing ‘I ,Me Myself’  policy,  agreed my husband. I  think they are more practical than our own generation, he added.

Yes, practical where their own interests and future  is concerned, I conceded.

Don’t you think we were foolish compared to them, being sentimental fools all along our lives? I  said.

Probably you are right. I think we owe it to our upbringing and I don’t think there was any thing wrong in adhering to the values we were taught, said my husband.

Don’t you think  we too have followed our parents’ footsteps in instilling values to our children? He said  as an after thought.

‘We tried to’, I corrected.

And failed, he chuckled.

Thinking in retrospect, I feel we didn’t try enough, I said  full of remorse.

Can we honestly say we were not selfish  in our own way? He suddenly asked.

What do you mean? I shot back at the unexpected question.

Well, to be honest we too were but the only difference is our ideas were kept to ourselves because of respect for our elders, he stated.

I nodded after a long pause.


n.meera raghavendra rao


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