An evening on the Madras beach 22/09/2014

‘A visit to  Marina beach is a must to everyone living in parts of India which don’t lie along the sea coast‘, I said  when we  were drawing up an itinerary for  a day and a half stay of our guests.

You know , the beach is no longer what it used to be , say until a few decades ago when we moved to Madras, said my husband  not very happy at the idea.

Well, a beach is a beach, and it’s fun walking on the sand, standing in the water with the waves dashing  against you, I said  feeling nostalgic.

And  popping all those roasted groundnuts, he added.

I think things have changed and I won’t be surprised  if the sundal  and groundnuts tins  have been replaced with readily available and freshly turned out pop corn and  pizzas, I  observed.

The five of us, with the young couple and  their two year old kid  did make it to the beach the same evening   they  arrived  albeit with fingers crossed.

Aunty , why don’t you also have a bite of this panipuri? It’s so yummy  ,said the young lady   extending one  with its filling.

Why don’t you also take a horse ride? Said her husband bubbling with enthusiasm even as he  heaved himself   on it.

Since the merry go round was meant only for kids, the little fellow  saw the futility of  asking us to  take part in the ride.

After  spending more than two hours   at the beach silently  watching  our visitors  enjoying themselves , popping everything that was available into their mouth, we  set out to our next destination, to dine at our favorite hotel.

No more food please, we are full, said  the couple in unison.

My husband and I exchanged glances   which seemed to  say, ‘nothing has changed at the Madras beach’ only we have outgrown the age of  risking our systems.’



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