All our uninvited guests 10/01/2014

Even among guests we have  various categories –those who are invited, those who invite themselves and a third kind who thrust themselves with their entire family on you  making you  wonder whether you have interchanged your role with them! The first two are a pleasure to have and leave  no reason for complaint.

However the last  are the ones who become a problem and you are at a loss as how to literally evict ‘them.’ They  don’t need a guest room in your house or are they finicky about their privacy and  food. They are capable of  helping themselves to anything and everything that is fit for consumption irrespective of its quality or taste. They are meticulous at their planning, timing  their outings during the day and return  for a good night’s  sleep making themselves comfortable on your three seater sofa set  using your cozy cushions as a head rest.

This is how their plan works: First you have the head of the family making a survey of the surroundings and choosing your home to make a  home for his family. Soon he arrives with his partner and offspring  and  even before you realize what is happening, you are faced with three little creatures all cuddled up and  yet to open their eyes fully to stare back at you! The ‘couple’ vanish never to be seen again trusting   you to take care of its ‘family’ and soon you find them growing up and  turning your home into ‘theirs’ in no time!

I think I should   give an insertion in the newspaper offering my uninvited guests (three cute kittens) for adoption by anyone who wish to do so.


n.meera raghavendra rao  


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