Accolades from a spouse 02/05/2014

It was an unusual  book launch in every sense right from the word go. After the welcome address by the MC  introduction of the author followed. ‘The author will be introduced by the person who knows her best, her husband’ and with those  words  the MC left the floor to her spouse. I  was sure many a times the demure looking author though must have felt flattered couldn’t help blushing when he  mentioned the beautiful neck lace she was wearing  was bought  for this special occasion. The conversation with an equally literary person  was in keeping with the informal  atmosphere created by the author’s spouse who made it a point to mention the books he had authored  in his introduction. Again  he didn’t wish to lose the opportunity to pose questions during the interactive session which she answered with admirable  ease / composure.

The event concluded  much ahead  the scheduled hour and I noticed  the gathering on their way out were talking about the delicious hot  potato bondas which preceded the launch . Again  Accolades to the hotel chef  who turned them out in ample quantity for a second and perhaps third helping!


n.meera raghavendra rao


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