AA Party buildup 16/01/2014


What are you writing with such zest which is unusual of you? Asked my husband.

I thought he was justified in wanting to know because he knew I   normally preferred typing to writing.

I am preparing a list of possible members for Chennai  wing of the AAP, I said.

Do you expect me also to join you in  the AAP by any chance? He said.

Ofcourse, no doubt about that  as you very well know ‘we’ are the first to qualify to become its members, I  asserted.

What is your yardstick for absorption in AAP? He asked seriously.

Well, the first is we do not possess any of the so called status symbols, I said.

Like what? He said raising his eyebrows.

A car, a driver , an I pad, the latest mobile phone costing nearly 30 or 40 thousand, security for our house etc.etc, I reeled out.

Yes, I  totally agree with you, he conceded. But what about the others you plan to induct in your party? Have you done any kind of survey as to who would fit your bill?

A very valid question but unfortunately I haven’t found any so far because all the people I know seem to own luxury cars apart from other status symbols, I  chuckled.

Then how  do you plan to proceed  with your  plan? He sounded genuinely concerned.

Wait, once I  exhaust the list of people among our relatives and friends, I will get in touch  with the real AA of Chennai and begin with the blue collared down our  road, I  said full of hope.

May be, that’s a good idea but for all you know, they may not accept  a woman as its Leader, that is if you are planning to head the party, he quipped.


n.meera raghavendra rao



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