A TALL ORDER! 09/10/2014

We happened to attend  a programme conducted by  an NGO  to celebrate Elders Day. The topic  chosen was   Senior citizens homes-are they the solution?  After the chief guest spoke  in general  about the advantages and    disadvantages of  old age homes, the anchor  invited an interaction  from the audience who comprised   a large number of senior citizens. The panel  which took the questions  and sought suggestions  consisted of middle aged persons , all celebrities in their own right.

The  eldest among the gathering was the first to come out with a suggestion  that  senior citizens homes   should be a gated community with security  and all the amenities  but the most important of all, should have a few reserved for youngsters as well  so that the oldies like him will feel young in spirit.  The moment  he finished the whole gathering burst out laughing  and wanted to know whether  he had any problem staying with his children. ‘I AM NOT MARRIED’ PROMPT CAME THE ANSWER.

Next was  another gentleman  who suggested senior citizens homes should  be built within the range of  ‘sabhas’ so that music lovers can have an easy access during the music season.

The third said   it was wrong to call them as senior citizens homes, a retirement home would be a better idea which also sounded more dignified.

The fourth, an elderly lady suggested   a separate wing should be reserved for ladies  so that  they can run a  ladies club with no interference from men.  One of the panelists asked if she was a social worker, and she said  she had plans to become one.

The  last  suggestion came from  a middle aged lady and the moment she stood up all eyes  turned to her as she appeared  the odd one out. She  congratulated the organizers for  holding the  programme for elder citizens  which was the need of the hour. Then came her suggestion:’  I   am of the strong opinion that whatever the homes for elders are called , they should have some intellectual activities to keep their minds young  and they should be made mandatory .‘

‘We feel that’s a TALL ORDER’ said  the panelists  in one voice.

n.meeraraghavendra rao


2 thoughts on “A TALL ORDER! 09/10/2014

  1. V Raghavan

    The suggestion re: intellectual activity is a good one. They should solve regularly the Crossword puzzle from the daily newspapers or the So-Do-Ku the number puzzle from The Hindu. That will keep their minds busy. At 80, being a topper in Maths at school, today I solved the number puzzle correctly for 14th consecutive day.

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