A judicious mix? 17/9/2014

How were the guests dressed  at the function you attended? Asked my husband who  always kept a close watch on the changing sartorial preferences of chennaii  men.

The food was just  awesome, I said not bothering to answer him.

Were  the men folk dressed in traditional attire or in trousers ? he  said before I could reel out the menu served.

You and your obsession with  clothes, I thought  it was a woman’s preserve, I said annoyed.

You are wrong, infact  it is said  ‘clothes make a man ‘ which means  whoever coined the expression  didn’t think  it would   extend to women as well, he said in justification.

O.K.  I give in, at the same time would like to coin my own expression which goes  like this  ‘accessories make a woman.’

What do you mean? He expostulated.

Exactly what I said.  To be more precise, it is the jewelery she wears , mind you , not the artificial  stuff though it seems to be the in thing, I explained.

You still haven’t   said what the men folk were wearing, he reminded  more to change the topic I thought.

Well, most men wore veshtis  and tee  shirts,which appeared more suitable to  teenagers , I mocked.

That shows  their poor sartorial sense, neither here nor there, he said in the same vein.

Probably  a mix of tradition and modernity  or rather of convenience, I  said in justification.

I can never predict a woman’s mind,  he said  almost to himself.

n.meera raghavendra rao


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