A forced vacation? 10/9/2014

I was quite worried  when I didn’t find any new post on your blog, have you been out of sorts lately? Enquired my friend  even as she stepped in.

I am perfectly o.k. I assured her but knew she  was not convinced.

How come  you have not  written anything  after your post on ‘Teacher’s Day?’, she literally demanded. Oh, yes , I  didn’t. I  never  knew you   kept a tab on  my  posts, I said  laughing.  Tell me honestly, did you miss  reading  the stuff I dish out  periodically, I  said expecting  a compliment.

Well, let me be honest , more than missing  your tongue in cheek humour and digs at people, I   wondered what had kept you from updating  your column, She  confessed.

Thank God , as far as you don’t think I have run out of ideas, I am relieved, I said.

Certainly not. I am sure  creative writers   never run out of ideas, she  assured.

Thanks again. But we may  recycle them, I  said smiling.

Old wine in new bottle?  She said laughing.

Probably , I said.

You have still not  told me  why you didn’t update  your column? She  reminded.

Well, it’s like the  farmer and the donkey’s story. You know  the gale a few days ago had snapped the telephone line and  with my phone going dead, I couldn’t connect  my computer  to the net  and it had to take forced rest /casual leave for  three full days until  the line was restored, I explained.

You  seem to be outdated  still  sticking to land lines and  desk tops. High time  you update yourself with technology    so that you  will have no  hassles in updating your blog posts, she advised.

n.meeraraghavendra rao


One thought on “A forced vacation? 10/9/2014

  1. V.N.K.Kumar

    I empathize with you since I suffer from the same problem! If I don’t write anything for a few days by way of an article or comments on other people’s postings, my sons & brothers start phoning me up to find out if everything is ok with me. I still have the broadband of BSNL via the telephone line. This seems so outdated to GenY!

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