Who is responsible?10/7/2014

I find it strange that  on one side we find  new authors making their foray into writing fiction, non fiction and verse and on the other side leading book stores  on the verge of closing down are offering heavy discounts on books by  authors  of repute. It is certainly a sad state of affairs that we are witnessing in a city known for its intellectual  and cultural activities. I recall  during our visit to Vancouver the American lady I met at the hotel we stayed in remarked , ‘Oh, you come from Madras, is it? Then you must be very  intelligent.’ Wondering how she  had got that impression, I asked her what she  knew about this South Indian capital.

‘Oh, I happened to meet quite a few   Indians and was happy to see people from south  spoke English very well unlike people from the North  India,’ she averred.

I remember whenever the latest  book on Harry Potter…by J.K.Rowling  hit the stands, children queued up at Landmark early in the morning to pick up a copy and be the first to finish  reading it. Now I wonder  with one book store after another downing its shutters , children are sure to miss the excitement of  buying a physical book. Probably  the entry of E-books with gadgets to facilitate their reading is responsible for the gradual closing down of   even large book stores. However, the positive side of it is, parents will find it a blessing  when they realize  it would be simpler for them to buy the gadget and not  having to drive  their wards all the way to the book store wading through chaotic city traffic!


n.meera raghavendra rao


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