Who is more status conscious? 25/01/2014

The other day my ‘Istriwali’ gave an invitation for her son’s marriage and I was amazed at the four page glossy wedding card, with photos of the bride and groom appearing on the first page followed by another three pages with complete details of the event. When I said it looked very  ostentatious  ( I guessed each card would have cost her a  minimum of 20rs) she showed me another invitation much larger in size which evidently must have cost much more and said  it was meant for her relations as they  expected the bridegroom’s parents to select the costliest wedding card. In contrast the simple looking wedding invitations  we had received the previous day from our well to do friends  appeared  like circulars or poor cousins with bare details of the event. I was left wondering  who was more status conscious in our society!


n.meera raghavendra rao


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