The  advantages  of not owning a car  are several  which I am sure  are missed  by people who have chauffeur  driven cars  who literally sit back to read the day’s newspaper or talk on their mobiles. The only  risk perhaps  is they are not aware that the man behind the wheel is eves dropping  and  is likely to  pass on the information to his  colleagues/ friends.   The first advantage  is  whenever you hire a car, more often than not, the driver is different  and so is the car depending on your requirement . It may range   from the smallest to the largest, similar to the economy and executive class of an aircraft.

You get to hear  stories and stories  from the drivers  who  fill your ears  until you reach your destination, all l that they need is just a little prompting   from you. The other day   on the way to Mylapore, a street dog suddenly ran across the  road  forcing the driver to slam on the break  even as  he was   cursing the creature. Perhaps  the incident  immediately  reminded him of   something   that  took place  a few days ago where  a  fellow  driver was involved .’’ You know   amma, you should never interfere  during a quarrel , whether it is between   people or dogs . My friend  saw two dogs fighting  fiercely  on the  street  he   lives and he went  near them in order to separate the  canines  and one of them furiously  charged at him and had bitten  away all the flesh on his hand. He was admitted to the hospital bleeding profusely  and it took him  two  months  to get back to work ‘ he said all in one breath. ‘’Similar is it with people, especially between two women, ‘’he    added  and  there was no time to elaborate on it because we had  reached our destination by then.

Other advantages  we experience are  not having to dance to the whims and fancies of drivers working for car owners .You don’t have to miss   attending   meetings and cultural  programmes  when the your driver  fails  to turn up !Most importantly taking care of your  BABY  which means preventing dents and scratches  on your car costing several lakhs which is not possible in Chennai chaotic traffic!.


n.meeraraghavendra rao


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