Those Aadi sales 30/7/2014

I am off for window shopping, I announced even before my husband could ask where I  was headed to.

I hope you mean what you say? He asked  looking doubtfully.

A big Yes. I just wish to check out what discounts are being offered for Aadi, I assured him.

Thank God, he said relieved.

Just tell me which are the shops you are planning to visit ? he said.

Quite a few beginning with the ones in Mylapore, then I am planning to explore  some in T.Nagar, I said and rushed  out before he asked any more questions.

The first shop I visited turned out to be owned  by my friend which came as an unpleasant surprise to me.

Aye Meera, what a pleasant surprise, she greeted me warmly and literally shepherded me to all the three floors of the store. When I looked around I noticed there were just the two of us and found the  salesmen welcoming us with a warm Namaste.

See, we have everything here right from childrens’ clothes to mens’ apparel and ofcourse saris suiting every budget. We are offering a good discount as well, she said proudly. You can pick up  for your whole family, saves a lot of time in commuting , she suggested.

That’s  wonderful, I said smiling  weakly as I was not keen on picking up anything from  her stock which did not appeal me at all.

Let me see if I have carried my credit card, I said rummaging my overloaded hand bag.

So you have kept your promise , said my husband seeing me return without arming myself with large cloth bags with the shop’s name imprinted on them.

Yes, I meant  what I said.

Probably I carried the wrong handbag, because my credit card must  have been lying in one of my other handbags, I  said with mixed feeling.

I don’t think so, he laughed waving the plastic piece in front of me!

I breathed a sigh of relief as  my husband literally saved me from picking up something in order to please my friend !


n.meera raghavendra rao


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