The kittens which refused to budge 10/08/2014

I had to don my complaints box around my neck once again after a lapse of an year  when complaints started pouring in and I realized the box was overflowing in no time like the garbage bins in Chennai.The only difference perhaps was complaints  made this time were of diverse nature, similar to  la carte comprising   dishes from all over the world.

When I  sat to sort them out, I found most complaints related to kittens and pups which the neighbours said  were  invading their space  and they wanted their owners  to keep a check on them or look  for another destination  in order to relocate them. Next category  were complaints about  littering  our surroundings   for which they sought an urgent solution. Third  related to domestic staff  which spent more time in gossip  than in the work they were engaged   for. Lastly were complaints  about two families in the neighbourhood   who   were very snobbish which  amused me no end.

Even as I was racking my brains as to  finding a solution to the  invasion of kittens, I found  two small skinny brown  ones    sneaking into  my   sit out. When I tried to shoo them away, they looked entreatingly   at  me. I noticed   they had beautiful  black eyes which were propping out from their tiny face. Knowing the consequences of  yielding to their pleas,I  shouted at the top of my voice in a language they would understand  but was  shocked  to see  they made no attempt to budge. I  decided to  change my strategy  and  admonished  in  the language I was more comfortable in and lo and behold, the effect was immediate!

n.meera raghavendra rao


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