Sartorial preferences of men 28/7/2014

You know something? I said soon after returning from a function.

Anything  that you have not told me before? Asked my husband  indifferently as he was engrossed in his research work.

Well, you always comment on the changing fashions among Chennai women, now I would like to comment on the sartorial preferences of your tribe which have remained static, I said  stressing on Static.

You must be happy that we maintain consistency in our sartorial preferences atleast, he said with pride still not shifting his attention from his work.

It’s not consistency but a matter of convenience, I  jeered.

What do you mean by convenience ? he said looking at me.

No wonder demand for shirts has come down drastically, I  chuckled.

What makes you say so ? Don’t you find men sporting  a variety of  designs and  fabric  too?  He stated.

Well, you are right if they wear shirts or shirt sleeves but in today’s function I found hardly any who wore them, I lamented.

Then what were they wearing, jibbas and kudtas? He asked.

I wish they did, but almost all of them irrespective of their age were in Ts  of different colours and dezigns, I  laughed.

I am sure  they must have been gifts from their NRI children and naturally they wanted to please them, he reasoned.

Ah, now you are being sensible for once and your reasoning convinces me. I compliment you on your originality,  I said patting him on his back.

You made my Day, he brimmed.


n.meera raghavendra rao



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