Post deepavali shopping 27/10/2014

How come you are back so early? Said my husband  even as he was  eyeing the two heavy  shopping bags I carried.

Simple, I said  unloading the heavy stuff.

Simple what? He said surprised.Somehow  the time you took doesn’t seem to match   with the shopping you did, he  said  still  appearing puzzled.

By the way  what have you picked up and  what’s the damage? He said  turning serious.

Well,  everything that we needed  and you don’t have to look so worried because I didn’t shop in a mall, I assured him.Also  the streets  were empty  and so were the shops which saved  me a lot of time, I added.

Yes, I  agree that you are not extravagant by nature, he said looking relieved. Now I am curious to know  what those two heavy bags contain?  He said sounding impatient.

As I said  there is nothing we don’t need, I reassured him. O.K.let me tell you  or better still show  you the contents, I said emptying  both the bags on the  settee.

Oh, my God !he exclaimed  shifting his gaze from one end to the other  which left ME  dumbfounded !




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