Launch of Virgin Gingely 14/06/2014

The blurb of the book  and the venue of the launch attracted me to attend the event. When I looked round  to find a familiar face in the audience, I could find none which was something unusual  for a lover of books. When the author started reading  a few passages  from his book mentioning  the locale-The Rainbow colony   in which the story? is set, as a Chennaiite I could find a disconnect  both about the street  and the people inhabiting the colony.

The interaction that followed  with Ranvir Shah  throwing up half a dozen questions which were  followed by audience’s participation was more lively and interesting  compared to the answers the author had given.

I realized emerging out of the venue  in one piece was  not easy because  I had to forcefully squeeze  myself between a fast approaching car to my right and the wall on my left. I wonder how a  car was allowed to enter the drive  where vehicles are strictly prohibited   because  of the  hospital  situated in the same premises .


n.meera raghavendra rao


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