Launch of Double Cream MemSahib? 18/06/2014

Launch of Double Cream MemSahib?

A book in Verse

Kevin Martin, an AngloIndian author who made Australia his present home has ventured to write in  a genre which Angels fear to tread.The audience was swept away by his very articulate presentation interspersed with a liberal dosage of humour  of his literary journey which was anything but smooth when he tried to find a publisher for his book. He said his inspiration to write in verse was Vikram Seth, whose book he had purchased for rs.85/   and read through the night  while staying in a hotel in Delhi. He landed with this book though he had intended  to pick up ‘The Suitable Boy’ which had just then hit the market. The deal did not come through  when the hawker in Connaught place refused to budge about its  price when Kevin  quoted rs.50/ less. ‘It was more to appease my ego that   I  picked up the book by the same author   placed below the best seller which I  knew I would not  read!’  He said laughing.

The passages that were read out  from the book  gave us a peep into ‘Double Cream Memsahib?’and the conversation  the author had  with Noel Thomas, author/editor  gave  us  an insight  into the author’s mind by the deft manner  the latter  framed his questions. Questions from  the audience, though just a couple for want of time were answered by   Kevin in an  extremely  honest  and candid manner displaying his humility.


n.meera raghavendra rao  


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