JULY 1ST.-  International Doctors Day – Patients’ perspective 30/6/2014

Teaching is a noble profession considering that teachers are crucial to children, only next to their parents in moulding  young minds to adhere to values in  life. However once the students  complete their education in colleges and universities, the responsibility shifts from the teachers to the taught as to how they fare in life. I feel the medical profession too can be termed  as a noble one, however with a difference  in that  the responsibility of the physician /surgeon  unlike in the case of  the teacher   doesn’t cease  with prescribing  medicines to patients  and conducting surgeries whether major or minor. The least a  physician can do when  patients   try  to contact him/her urgently (for instance if they are suffering from severe side effects of the anti biotic prescribed), is to be available, if not to see the patient  but to  take the call or make it a point to return the call if  he/she is too busy. This is all the more important if   patients are senior citizens.  This will not only act as a  morale booster  to the patient but  will make the  doctor too go up in the patient’s esteem. All that doctors  require   is to spare those few minutes to answer queries and clear doubts of  their    patients who look up to them as demi gods.

The situation however is slightly different  when it comes to surgeons as I feel their accountability to their patients is even more. Firstly it is obligatory on their part to brief patients about the nature of surgery and  offer advise regarding post operative care. In some cases even a simple surgery performed may not bring the desired results and may also lead to unforeseen complications. The  Surgeon  concerned  should  be competent to handle the situation and  take  moral responsibility for any lapse on his/her part .To err  is human and  surgeons are no exception.


n.meera raghavendra rao       


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