Good old Chennai 16/8/2014

If Bangaloreans can boast about their city, its weather in particular, we Chennaiites can go into raptures about  its wide spread , in the form of a buffet and  a la carte. The morning began  with Dr.Karthick , who apart from his dexterity with the  ghattam, proved  how  a hearty laugh is important  to life. His  two hour presentation comprising  the good old Chennai , especially  the greats of the past and  the present in the music world   regaled  the audience  throughout. However his   light dig was focused more  on a particular musician’s idiosyncrasies  and quirks   which made me wonder how he would have reacted if he was present at the event.

The   evening  had some ladies  congregating  on the occasion of Varamahalakshmi puja  performed in the morning by some  of them.    It gave an opportunity to meet  some common friends  who attended  it. Their spouses too didn’t feel left out as they too were invited.  The evening  also saw Janmashtami  celebrated at a North Indian’s house where  a mini Mathura was created  right from the entrance  of the sprawling bungalow to its inside. The bhajansby  kumarKarandikar ‘Saaz’, of Pune  were  filled with religious fervor  and the whole atmosphere   was inkeeping with the occasion.

Well, since one can’t be in two places  at a time, I missed the Independence Day celebrations and our Prime Minister’s speech  telecast live on television!


n.meeraraghavendra rao


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