GOLD, SILVER OR SARI? 16/10/2014

Amma, what do you advise me to buy for Diwali? Asked my maid  while  going about her chores?

It all depends upon  your budget , I said  fearing what she would come out with  next.

Amma, I wish to buy atleast a gram of gold  for my daughter  who   might be getting married in the next year or two, she said  in all earnestness.

That’s  a   very sensible of you, I  agreed  feeling happy.

But my daughter wants me to buy  her a grand sari  and a string of beads to match, she  complained.

Well, that’s  the difference between  the two generations. Now   you have to decide whether to  look for an investment  or to please your daughter, I  said.

Amma,  I feel   keeping my daughter in good humour is more important  at the moment rather than planning for her future , she said after a long pause.

Amma,  how much would  a small silver chain cost? She asked when I was thinking the matter ended there.

No idea, but certainly much less than gold  or a grand sari, I  told her.

Then I will do one thing. I will buy  her a silver chain, she  said appearing very pleased at her decision.

That’s a good idea, I  said.

But amma,  she  will  also need a sari to go with it, doesn’t she?  She  said  pretending to be naïve.

Yes,  you are right , I  agreed for the second time.

Amma,   from the time I started working for you, I noticed  whatever you have been  giving  me  during festivals, has been very lucky for me, which is because of  your  ‘Raasiyanakai.’ Please   buy a sari for my daughter as well  for Diwali.  She will accompany  you when you go for shopping  for Diwali and you can gift the sari  with your own hands,  she    implored.



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