Gold all the way! 19/8/2014

You know I overheard a lady talking over her mobile in the temple, I said to my husband even as we were returning home.

I guess she was  telling who ever it is at the other end about   the   sari she picked up before the close of Aadi   discount, he  laughed.

No, it’s not about saris, I said. Also  another discount has followed close on its heels, I added.

Must be for gold, he  stated.

Aye, you are right on the spot  for once. How did you guess? I said surprised.

Well, was the lady you mentioned  wearing large diamond   studs  and half a dozen  shiny  gold bangles? He said.

Aye, your second guess really surprises me. How did you know? I said  amazed.

Probably you were too keen listening to what the lady was saying on her mobile  to notice the amount of fortune she had on her person, he  teased.

May be, but still I am not able to understand  how you could  pin point the lady I was referring to, I said.

Not difficult at all, she was saying she had just returned from the jewellery shop in Mylapore  and  did not find the discount offered very attractive  at all, he  said.

You surprise me no end. By the way  were you following this lady  while she was  doing the ‘pradakshanam’? I said  in wonder.

Simple, you egg head. The lady  having  completed her pradakshanam must have  sat by your side to continue her conversation in comfort, he said laughing derisively.


n.meera raghavendrarao


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