Fussy eaters 30/03/2014

The news item that Chennai tops the list of fussy eaters ( 73 percent) while Bombay had the lowest (36percent) is a poor reflection of children in Chennai who seem to have the final word where their choices of food is concerned. The first thing I observed among Chennaiites when I moved to Madras after marriage was the importance they gave to include vegetables in their diet which perhaps is carried over to their children. Compared to   other parts of the country, the amount of vegetables consumed by chennaiites is absolutely dismal as a typical south Indian menu  comprising sambar,  kootu, poria l, vaatha kolumbu etc. doesn’t require large portions of vegetable to be used. Even the porial  is made in  small quantities  with some embellishments like coconut or lentils compared to the rest of the items on the menu.

Though it’s heartening that with the food habits gradually undergoing a change with the choices available, children in Chennai are  taking to multi cuisine but even that doesn’t consist of  large portions of vegetables but only high caloried stuff which is far from  nutritious.


n.meera raghavendra rao   


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