Events in City or outskirts? 11/4/2014

When we received two invites for wedding receptions of  our close friends’ children we eagerly looked forward to attending the functions.  Since one was held in the out skirts of the city which was  a good distance of 15 kilometres,  we left home nearly an hour before commencement of the  event. Lo and behold  we  reached the venue much earlier than expected and  as expected  found ourselves walking into the almost empty hall ! Gradually it filled in with the  couple making a grand entry  almost  nearly an hour late.

The second event   which took place at a five star hotel in the heart of the city was totally a different experience. Though the distance was hardly a few kilo metres from home, it took nearly  45 minutes to reach  the venue and a travel of  three times the distance  due to the road blocks all the way. To our pleasant surprise the  newly weds kept to the scheduled time of the  reception and were being greeted by the wedding guests. When we emerged after dinner and called the cabbie on his mobile to pick us up from the portico, there was no response and  noone including the concierge had a clue as to where the car was parked! One of the basements in the hotel  was being used  for some wood work and the other too was perhaps being used to park the staffers’ cars. After a wait  of nearly 45 minutes we could locate the cabbie and reach home. In the process  we had to cancel  visiting our relatives as it was too late. Considering  the time we spent  during the evening, it appeared  we spent much less time at the event and more in traveling and waiting for the cabbie, because he failed to charge his mobile. It is strange that a five star hotel  on mount road doesn’t have a car park and  doesn’t seem to care !


n.meera raghavendra rao


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