Editorial in Times of India 2/7/2014


It was  heartening to read  the editorial  ‘Heal your Doctor’ in Times of India, perhaps the only newspaper to  candidly portray  Patients’ perspective of  some of   today’s doctors  who  subject patients to un necessary investigations to line their own pockets. However I would like to add  the case is Worse when Diagnostic centres are attached to the  Specialists’  clinics and also owned by them. These  specialists besides recommending the tests also conduct the investigations themselves charging an exorbitant fee.

In this context I wholly   concur with what  Arthur Conan Doyle  has  said which was aptly quoted on  top of the editorial  which I feel applies particularly to surgeons whose mistakes prove costly to their patients ,both money and health wise. I wish surgeons would own  their mistakes and not be ruled by their ego. This is the least a patient expects from a conscientious surgeon  who cares to  practice the   Hippocratic Oath in its true spirit and letter.


n.meera raghavendra rao


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